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Polyaffine transformation model using region trajectoryApril 11, 2014

We propose a novel way to construct a diffeomorphic polyaffine transformation model. Each affine transform is defined on a local region and the resulting diffeomorphism encapsulates all the local transforms by a smooth and invertible displacement field. Compared with traditional weighting schemes used in … Continue reading

Interactive Medical Image RegistrationApril 11, 2014

Interactive image registration is required by some medical applications since automatic image registration is often slow and sometimes error-prone. We consider interactive registration methods that incorporate user-specified local transforms around control handles. The deformation between handles is interpolated by some … Continue reading

Regional Thickness Measurement of Extra-hippocampal Medial Temporal Lobe StructuresApril 11, 2014

Extra-hippocampal medial temporal lobe (ehMTL) structures, which consists of entorhinal (ERC) and perirhinal (PRC) cortices, receives increasing attention because they are amongst the earliest sites affected by Alzheimer`s Disease (AD) pathology and due to their important and complex role in episodic … Continue reading

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