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Relating brain anatomy and cognitive ability using a multivariate multimodal frameworkJune 26, 2014

Linking structural neuroimaging data from multiple modalities to cognitive performance is an important challenge for cognitive neuroscience. In this study we examined the relationship between verbal fluency performance and neuroanatomy in 54 patients with frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) and 15 age-matched … Continue reading

Reproducibility of graph metrics of human brain structural networksMay 7, 2014

Recent interest in human brain connectivity has led to the application of graph theoretical analysis to human brain structural networks, in particular white matter connectivity inferred from diffusion imaging and fiber tractography. While these methods have been used to study … Continue reading

*New* ANTs DocumentationMay 3, 2014

To go along with a new release: Please contribute to this latex document or make suggestions for its content.

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