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Labeling of hippocampal subfields in an ex vivo MRI scan on the basis of micro-anatomical features derived from histology.  Boundaries drawn in histology space are mapped into the MRI space after histology-MRI registration, and volumetric labeling of hippocampal subfields is performed in MRI space.

Important milestone for the Penn ex vivo atlas of the human hippocampus formationSeptember 27, 2016

Daniel Adler’s MICCAI 2016 paper “Probabilistic atlas of the human hippocampus combining ex vivo MRI and histology” describes substantial progress on building a comprehensive atlas of the human hippocampus that combines ultra-high resolution ex vivo MRI and serial histological imaging. … Continue reading

Psychometric Tests Predict ABeta in Mild Cognitive ImpairmentApril 21, 2015

Our paper showing that psychometric tests predict Alzheimer’s Disease pathology in Mild Cognitive Impairment subjects was just accepted by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Read the in-press version here.

Multi-Modal Dimensionality ReductionOctober 21, 2014

Our paper on multi-modal dimensionality reduction was recently accepted by Methods.  It shows how to use our sparse dimensionality reduction techniques to form interpretable predictive models from neuroimaging data.  All data and code are open-source.  Paper is available here.

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